The Wolfenstein series
The Hidden & Dangerous series
The Medal of Honor series
The Deadly Dozen series
The Battlefield series
The Call of Duty series
The Day of Defeat series
The World War II Combat series
The Brothers in Arms series
The Sniper Elite series
The Red Orchestra series

The Wolfschanze series

  • Wolfschanze (2007)
  • Wolfschanze 2 (2010)
The Battlestrike series
  • Battlestrike: Sniper – Call to Victory (2004)
  • Battlestrike: The Siege (2005)
  • Battlestrike: The Road to Berlin (2005)
  • Battlestrike: Secret Weapons (2008)
  • Battlestrike: Force of Resistance (2008)
  • Battlestrike: Shadow of Stalingrad (2009)
  • Battlestrike: Western and Eastern Front (2009)


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