The invasion started around 1943 when the Imperial Japanese Navy sent a large battlegroup and a landing force towards the Indian East coast. The battlegroup was intercepted by a US and a British battlegroup.

Forces Edit

USN Edit

  • 3 North Carolina Battleships
  • 6 Somers Destroyers
  • 4 Northampton Heavy Cruisers
  • 1 (possibly more) US submarines

IJN Edit

  • 5 Fuso Battleships
  • 8 Minekaze Destroyers
  • 2 Maya Heavy Cruisers
  • 4 Takao Heavy Cruisers

Royal Navy Edit

  • 2 King George V Battleships
  • 4 Tribal Destroyers
  • 4 Kent Cruisers

Outcome (Official) Edit

Allied victory, heavy losses

This Event can be Played In: Edit

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